PetGem Neutralizer™ | The Original Smart Pet Smell Purifier
PetGem Neutralizer™ | The Original Smart Pet Smell Purifier
PetGem Neutralizer™ | The Original Smart Pet Smell Purifier
PetGem Neutralizer™ | The Original Smart Pet Smell Purifier
PetGem Neutralizer™ | The Original Smart Pet Smell Purifier

PetGem Neutralizer™ | The Original Smart Pet Smell Purifier

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  • Eliminates 99% of pet smells
  • Tested & trusted by veterinarians
  • 100% Chemical free technology
  • 3000+ Happy customers

Say Goodbye To Pet Smells!

The PetGem Neutralizer™ is the cutting-edge solution to freshen your home by purifying the air of all lingering pet odours. Crafted with innovation in mind, the PetGem Neutralizer™ is perfect for pet owners seeking a safe, user-friendly and effective solution.

Boasting an impressive 99% reduction in litter odours and other pet smells, this device has been rigorously tested and approved by veterinarians, ensuring the well-being of your furry friends. What sets the PetGem Neutralizer™ apart is its 100% chemical-free technology, supporting a safe environment for both pets and their owners.

Why you'll love the PetGem Neutralizer™!

Smart Motion Sense

The PetGem Neutralizer™ automatically switches off when your cat approaches.

They won't even notice its there!

Innovative Chemical-Free Technology

Absolutely no chemicals or scents that harm you and your cat

Ultra Long-Life Battery

USB rechargeable battery purifies for up to two weeks between charges

Completely Versatile

The PetGem Neutralizerperfectly fits all styles of litter boxes and can also be used for other smelly areas of your home!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!


Two kitties, one deodorizer. This product is a gem ;) It handles smells from my feline crew easily. Highly recommend!

Donna F.

Verified Buyer ✅


I was a bit sceptical about all of Petgems claims but this thing works! No idea how it does it but it definitely gets the job done

Michael A.

Verified Buyer ✅


Big big improvement on the smell, honestly surprised by how well it works. Was abit concerned about how my cat would react to it (he is very fussy) but he doesn't even seem to notice

Ava P.

Verified Buyer ✅


Maybe not quite as 'smart' as I was hoping for (no app, doesnt connect to wifi) but I can't deny that it works. Works surprisingly well. Honestly the fact that its so 'simple' is probably a good thing

Tim T.

Verified Buyer ✅


OMG I am shocked at how well this works! Smells are completely gone. I just had to get another one to use around my bin and sink area. My home has never been fresher!!

Lily P.

Verified Buyer ✅


Definitely cuts down on the smells from my cats but doesnt completely eliminate them. I'm using 1 for my 3 cats so might be overloaded a bit

Dora K.

Verified Buyer ✅


I have a cozy little studio apartment so litter smells can be a big concern for me, especially when I have guests around. Litter smells are now a thing of the past! Thanks PetGem!!

Brittany C.

Verified Buyer ✅


Wasn't that confident when I bought it but I have been pleasantly surprised! Such a small purifier but really works well. Great quality

Harrison K.

Verified Buyer ✅


Easy to use, does what it says. Easy 5 star - recommend!

Jamie G.

Verified Buyer ✅

Any Questions left?

The PetGem Neutralizer™ is extremely easy to use.

Simply install it above the litter tray (or other smelly area), turn it on... and that's it!

After that you can sit back while the device purifies your home.

The PetGem Neutralizer™ produces negatively charged ions which attract, bond, and neutralize positively charged odour particles.

The negatively charged particles are completely safe, chemical free, and odourless!

This innovative technology creates purified air without relying on traditional air filtration methods. This is a more efficient way of purifying air and means you will never have to worry about replacing filters!

Easy - just use the provided cable to plug the device into any computer USB port or 5V1A charger.

We strongly recommend you do not use your smartphone's fast charger. These chargers have a much higher wattage and this higher output can damage the battery of the PetGem Neutralizer™.

To achieve maximum results we recommend placing the PetGem Neutralizer™ within hooded/covered litter boxes.

For open litter trays, place the device 20-40cm directly above the tray.

Due to the motion sensor, it is recommended that the device is placed away from busy walkways or rooms so that the 'OFF' sensor function is not triggered too frequently.

We recommend using 1 PetGem Neutralizer™ for every 1-2 litter boxes.

You will achieve best results with 1 device per litter box.

If you have multiple boxes, you can always start with just one device to see if you get the desired result.


The PetGem Neutralizer™ will work for any smelly areas used by your pets.

Of course, it doesn't just work on pet smells. If you have unwanted odours anywhere in your home, the PetGem Neutralizer™ will eliminate them.

We suggest you allow 1-2 days for the maximum performance. The odour may not disappear completely on the first day.

In the rare event where the smell is not eliminated in a particularly smelly area after more than 2 days, it is likely that the device is overworked and multiple purifiers may be necessary.

No need to worry!

In the unlikely event the device is faulty, just contact us and we will evaluate the issue and provide a remedy. We can issue a replacement or a refund of 100% of your money.

Length: 92mm

Width: 92mm

Height: 40mm

We are here to help!

You can reach out to us at and a member of our team will respond to your query ASAP.

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